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Love has no opposite.

Love just is. It is the 

answer to everything.


Dolores Cannon


Quantum Therapy

A clinical diagnostic session to identify a symptom: anxiety, depression, OCD, relational or, behavioral conflicts; as well as, a quantum analysis to address the conflict if at the soul path, ancestral, or frequency level. Please email your natal chart prior to session. 


Couples Ascension

Identify the source of the conflict in the alchemy between two souls. Raise your relationship patterns from lack, validation-seeking, insecure attachment, dualities of "right" and "wrong." Work from the knowledge of your soul contract: karmic relationship, soulmates, twin flame.  



Neurolinguistic Programming

Reprogram old belief patterns and repeating self-sabotaging behaviors. Through NLP, you reach the subconscious and unconscious, and through quantum techniques, you work with your electromagnetic field in order to alchemize old codes.You will learn how to use these tools yourself after one session.



Identify the physical symptom, ailment, or sickness, and explore why your body is calling for your attention in this way. The body is always trying to repair for your benefit and protection. Biodecodification helps you decode the language of the body and give you the way to your own healing. 


Ancestral Decodification

Detangle, heal, and break intergenerational patterns. If you have done everything in your power to change your individual self, yet you carry a burden that comes down from your paternal or maternal lineage, then Family Constellations (in the line of Bert Hellinger) and Psychomagic (Alejandro Jodorowsky) will help you cut the chords from your ancestral past.

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