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Fear Is An Illusion That Your Mind Makes Real

You might have heard of Tony Robbins if you are into the self-development world, and know that he is pretty famous for his stamina. In his workshops, he makes people walk on hot coals! I actually think this is an amazing technique.

Humans can do unimaginable things, but the only thing that stops us is fear.

When you begin to take an advantageous step back from the idea of fear, you begin to see that the THOUGHT of: walking on coals/ changing careers/ asking for a promotion/ having that important conversation with someonecreates an EMOTIONAL reaction in your body, AND that is what STOPS you = fear is an illusion that your mind makes real.

But what if we took all of that away?

A quantum framework allows us to think of life as full of possibilities. You make your reality. You change your reality.

Have you ever had your internal codes replaced?

Replacing or DECODING is absolutely one of my favorite things to do in my sessions. Patients come in with all kinds of fears, from the fear of snakes to the fear of speaking up. The spectrum of the CODE of fear is so broad and at the same time so LIMITING.

If you have worked with me you know by now that after doing the CLINICAL work: thoughts, emotions, belief systems, I then open up the SUBCONSCIOUS, unconscious, the ANCESTRAL patterns. And there is even more that lives back there; by back there I mean in The ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD or the MORPHOGENETIC FIELD.

In this field of information there is SO MUCH that we can access. Your fear is very often not LOGICAL, so that means that it is stored somewhere else in the quantum, and that where we do the work.

In many cases, it is an ANCESTRAL fear carried down generation after generation. Other times, it is a fear instilled in childhood and the memory of a tale of a biting snake has been suppressed until it comes up in session. In the present moment, there seems to be a collective fear of rejection, thus self-sabotaging relationships and stagnating people’s abilities to create connections.

Let’s find the CODE of fear in your life and reprogram it! The hot coals and the snakes in your life will then become an illusion of the past.

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