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Reprogram Your Body

I want to share with you a short recap of a session with one of my beautiful clients.

I have been working with her for over a year. We have worked on her career, romantic relationship, and anxiety; she was been doing wonderfully. She is a very studious client who is very diligent with her inner work.

Yet, the issue of weight kept coming up as an issue of concern for her since she wasn’t seeing much weight loss results at the gym. She had done blood work, hormone panels, watched her nutrition and physical activity. All was on point.

So, here comes the quantum work:

We opened up the electromagnetic field for her (the field is always there, but in session I ask my clients to go deeper every time). This is where I ask you to close your eyes and we begin to do the breathwork.

As soon as we began to ask the BODY what it was feeling, she started to say that the body felt “heavy,” and she started making motions as if the weight was on her shoulders. Words are very important to DECODING.

We found out that my client had been sending messages to her body,conscious and subconscious, telling it to be strong enough to carry the WEIGHT of life: emotions and heavy responsibilities she continued to have with her medical career and family discord.

As you may know by now, everything is connected: mind, body, and spirit. Your body listens. Look out for the messages you are sending your body. Look out for these particular words: LIFE IS HEAVY. I HAVE SO MUCH ON MY SHOULDERS.

When we began to reprogram, through different breathing techniques, visualization, and inserting different beliefs, my client was able to release some of the WEIGHT her body was feeling. Most importantly, we brought up to consciousness what she had been telling her body to do subconsciously, which was to feel the need to carry so much in this life.

In her particular session, we reprogrammed so that her body can feel the flow of life through the support she already has from a recent love connection and close family members. The body needs a little subconscious nudge sometimes, otherwise it gets stuck on old modes of survival.

I wanted to share this story with you because even if you do not struggle with your weight, there are countless messages we tell our bodies every day. Please pay attention to the words you say to yourself and others. You body is your vehicle and it is here to serve you.

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